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Posted 19/06/2018

The Big Knight Painting Night

Nothing helps you put brush to plastic quite like having a buddy to paint with – having someone to distract […]

Posted 14/06/2018

Your Gateway to the Mortal Realms

Good news – ahead of Soul Wars going on pre-order this Saturday, the new Warhammer Age of Sigmar website is […]

Posted 22/06/2018

Player Perspective: Tyler Mengel on Open Play

Tyler Mengel is something of a Warhammer Age of Sigmar renaissance man, known for painting, converting, gaming and much more […]

Posted 22/06/2018

Vehicle Upgrades from the Forges of Nocturne

Today’s new Forge World releases come straight from the fires of Nocturne, home world of the Salamanders Space Marines – […]

Posted 22/06/2018

You asked for Renegade Knights… You Got ‘Em

Knights are awesome. We can all agree that there’s something special about conquering the battlefield with towering war machines the […]

Posted 21/06/2018

Becoming a Tech-Priest

Meet Jacques: We encountered Jacques – and his spectacular Tech-Priest costume – at Warhammer Fest this year, and we knew […]

Posted 21/06/2018

The Art of Sigmar

Rules may change, factions come and go, but one thing is constant in any new edition of Warhammer Age of […]

Posted 21/06/2018

Upcoming Middle-earth™ Battle Companies Event

On the weekend of the 4th – 5th of August, Warhammer World in Nottingham, UK will host a Middle-earth Battle Companies […]

Posted 20/06/2018

The Regimental Standard: Friend or Foe?

Feeling sharp-eyed, Guardsmen? This week’s Regimental Standard has a fiendish – and edifying – challenge for you. Can YOU spot […]

Posted 20/06/2018

The Top 8 Skulls Khorne wishes he could add to the Skull throne

The Mortal Realms are about to get a lot bloodier, and no one is more happy about that (inasmuch as […]

Posted 20/06/2018

Player Perspective: Narrative Play

Almost everyone’s a little bit of a narrative gamer deep-down. From creating long-running storylines and rivalries with your friends’ armies […]

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